<![CDATA[The Nomads Senior Women’s teams are currently searching for a head coach for the 2013 season. The senior women’s teams currently play in both the TRU premier league and B-league and have athletes ranging from the beginner level to the national level.

Candidates should have the following skill set:

  • Possess an in-depth technical knowledge of rugby and use it to further develop the skill set of the team
  • Prepare and run training sessions, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from April through to August
  • Travel with the teams to games on Saturdays, May to August
  • Support and challenge both women’s teams in developing their skill set
  • Select team line-ups according to club criteria
  • Able to constructively give and receive feedback
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Maintain a culture of respect and professionalism

Preference will be given to those with:

  • Experience coaching women
  • Experience coaching multiple skill levels within the same practice
  • The ability to think creatively and adapt to changing situations

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Level 1 NCCP coaching certification or 5+ years combined playing and coaching experience

***Please note that this is a part-time position that is paid an honorarium***

To apply, please send the following items to the Toronto Nomads Senior Women’s Director, Meghan Iley, at: meghan.iley@gmail.com and to Jenn Russell, Senior Women’s Club Captain, at: jenn.russell@hotmail.com

  • Resume
  • Brief description of coaching style
  • Outline of season overview and one sample practice plan