Board of Directors

Board of Directors banner


Ross Pinkerton

Vice President

Lauren Wolman

Club Secretary

Madeline Biggs

Communications Director

Kristine McMahon

Director of Men’s Rugby

Andrew Stephens

Director of Women’s Rugby

Jessica Wong

Directors of Junior Rugby

Leanne Stillman

Social Director

Gillian Geremia


Paul Jakubowski


Matt Ackers

Alumni Director

Martin Edmonds

Director Sponsorship

Ian Wood

Men's Club Captain

Felix Grignon

Women's Club Captain

Natalie Rosecky

Director, Memberships

Michael Boadway

Executive Meeting Minutes

Please find below links to the approved Executive Meeting Minutes as held by the Committee.

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About us

The Toronto Nomads have a long history from the beginning of the sport of rugby in Toronto. From their start in 1950 to the 5 senior level teams and a full set of junior level teams, we are a club of unity, inclusion and skill.