Mission & Values Statements

Established in 1950, Nomads Rugby Club is a progressive, full service rugby club comprised minis, juniors, seniors, oldies, alumni, boys, girls, men, women based in the west side of Toronto’s downtown.

Nomads goal is to be world class at everything we do and provide, both on and off the field.
New members of all ages and abilities are very welcome.

As part of our ongoing endeavor to grow as a club, we have established vision and mission statements that set the foundation for the club.

Vision Statement

To be a respected and successful rugby club with a reputation for providing exceptional programs and player development.

Mission Statement

Nomads Rugby provides quality rugby experiences for our members and community. Grounded in our strong history and continuous growth we provide a welcoming, inclusive, and competitive ‘One Club’ rugby environment in Toronto.

Value Statements

Code of Conduct

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About us

The Toronto Nomads have a long history from the beginning of the sport of rugby in Toronto. From their start in 1950 to the 5 senior level teams and a full set of junior level teams, we are a club of unity, inclusion and skill.