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Who We Are

Established in 1950 Nomads Rugby is one of the Toronto’s original six rugby clubs. We are a progressive club with a proud history and a brilliant future.

Serving Toronto’s downtown and west-end’s children, youth and adults, schools and neighbourhoods, Nomads provide programs for girls, boys, women and men from kindergarten to oldies. 

Nomads Alumni, wherever they reside, are an important component of Nomads Rugby Club and remain engaged with the club after their playing days end.

Nomads Rugby believes strongly that club rugby is the foundation of our great game. We are committed to being a world-class rugby club in all respects both on and off the field. Accordingly we aim to provide the best possible environment for our teams, players, coaches, referees and administrators to develop and prosper. And it seems to be working - we are one of only five Ontario clubs, and the sole Toronto rugby club, whose men’s and women’s team both play in the top Ontario competitions, the Marshall League and OWL respectively.

Nomads’ past and present members’ countries of origin of reads like a list of members of the United Nations. This international influence is reflected in Nomads club spirit, culture and, importantly, social life. It’s one of the features that sets us apart and we are most proud of.

Our objectives extend to being a positive and progressive force in our rugby and general communities in our local area, Toronto, Ontario and Canada.

Nomads Rugby welcomes new players and non- players of all ages, genders and abilities members from Canada and around the rugby world.


Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Policy

Interested in learning more about our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy?

Nomads Rugby is committed to making Rugby accessible and open to everyone.

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About us

The Toronto Nomads have a long history from the beginning of the sport of rugby in Toronto. From their start in 1950 to the 5 senior level teams and a full set of junior level teams, we are a club of unity, inclusion and skill.