Minis - U6 to U12

Welcome to the Nomads Mini's page! Minis include U6 - 12 girls and boys.

The focus in Minis rugby is on developing basic skills (passing, running and passing, running onto the ball, backing up, and tackling) and gaining an understanding of the game including the spirit of rugby while, importantly, having fun. U6 and U8 is non-contact, Rookie Rugby (i.e. flag rugby), so all you need to play is some comfy clothes, a water bottle and either a pair of running shoes or cleats (soccer will do!).

Contact Details For Nomads Minis

Interested in Nomads Minis Rugby? 

Contact our Junior's Director via email: or come try out one of our training sessions (see calendar below).

Mini's Coaches

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Meet the Coaches

Mike Boadway, Steve Leheup, Brad McCabe, Nancy Vye, Bryce Moroz and Geraldine Vye.


Training locations vary by time of year. The majority of the season will be Monday and Wednesday evenings 6:30 - 8:00 pm at  Eglinton Flats.


Other training throughout the year:

Winter training- Jan to March: indoors at Lamport Stadium on Saturdays

Spring training -  End of March to May: outdoors at De La Salle College


Players receive Nomads Kits which includes socks, shorts, a t-shirt, and a ball. Team jerseys provided at games.

Games & Times

Home Field is Eglinton Flats with games on the weekends in the morning.

Minis Calendar

View this year’s games schedule, events and more in the calendar below.

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About us

The Toronto Nomads have a long history from the beginning of the sport of rugby in Toronto. From their start in 1950 to the 5 senior level teams and a full set of junior level teams, we are a club of unity, inclusion and skill.