Equity, Diversity And Inclusivity Policy

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The Nomads Rugby Football Club of Toronto (“Nomads Rugby”) is committed to making Rugby Football accessible and open to everyone.

Our Club recognises the importance of, and is committed to, equity, diversity, equal opportunities, fair treatment and respect to all involved and employed in our Club. This principle must infuse everything we do as administrators, coaches, players and supporters.

Nomads Rugby’s Board of Directors is responsible for the implementation and effectiveness of the Policy, for establishing equity indicators, and for devising and implementing positive action plans where appropriate. However, the success of the Policy depends on the commitment of all the members. Additionally, the Club has established an Anti-Racism and Inclusion Equity Group, comprised of representation from all levels of the club (e.g., senior women and men, youth, minis, and alumni) to ensure that the Club’s policies, protocols, decisions, initiatives and communications are developed through an anti-racist, inclusive lens. Lastly, it is expected that everyone involved in the club (e.g., administrator, athlete, coach, parent, supporter) has a personal responsibility to meets the Policy’s requirements.

Scope Of The Policy

This Policy sets out the Club’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. It also outlines the work of pursuing that commitment—our targets, implementation mechanisms, and means of monitoring progress towards the achievement of our policy objectives.

Further, Nomads Rugby recognises its responsibility to not only ensure that its policies and procedures benefit its members, but also to contribute to the local community and will ensure that it engages with local partners and organisations in pursuit of the Policy’s objectives.

Policy Objectives

  • To value diversity, commit to equity, and foster dignity and respect for all
  • To provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment
  • To encourage individuals of all demographic groups particularly those of under-represented groups to become involved in rugby as players, members, volunteers, staff, supporters
  • To ensure that key decisions and activities are developed through the principles embedded in the Policy
  • To adopt a systematic approach to eliminating barriers to equity and inclusion and directly addressing issues of discrimination
  • To demonstrate good practice in working collaboratively with community partners

Policy Statement

Nomads Rugby’s Board of Directors, its Committees and Officers believe that equity and diversity is fundamental to the success of the Club, both on and off the field. As such, Nomads Rugby are committed to the following:

  • Operating in accordance and within policies and bylaws of Sport Canada, Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario
  • Providing opportunities for leadership development for priority groups with a sustainable approach based on resources available
  • Setting standards and values which will apply throughout the Club and at every level of activity.
  • Striving for a balanced and inclusive representation of staff, administrators, and volunteers.
  • Ensuring that all participants have access to and have the opportunity to take part in, and enjoy, our programme of activities, competitions and events irrespective of age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, religion or belief, ability or disability.
  • Ensuring inclusive representation within all forms of communication, promotional material and media.
  • Encouraging representation of priority groups on the Board of Directors, sub-committees and amongst the coaching staff.
  • Handling any instances discrimination and harassment accordance with the the Club’s Code of Conduct and Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario Protocols. This includes all forms of direct and indirect discrimination and harassment.
  • Applying the principles of equal opportunity to all areas of our activity namely; the recruitment and development of players, administrators and coaches.
  • Examining its policies and decisions to ensure that principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are appropriately applied.
  • Continually monitoring, evaluating and adapting progress on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Terminologies And Descriptions

Discrimination is an action or a decision that treats a person or a group badly for reasons such as their race, age or disability. These reasons, also called grounds, are protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Harassment can be described as inappropriate actions, behaviour, comments or physical contact, which may cause offence i.e. mental or physical anxiety or hurt to an individual. It may be related to gender, Gender reassignment, and race, Disability, sexuality, age, religion, nationality or any personal characteristic as an individual.

Equity demands that each person be judged on their merits, work and potential, and that
their individual personal characteristics be accommodated to the degree possible to enable
them to contribute, succeed, access and participate in our programs, services, positions, etc.

Diversity is the practice of welcoming and supporting persons of all backgrounds and
characteristics. Diversity demands an active effort to remove any barriers, particularly for
persons who have been historically marginalized and excluded based on gender identity,
race, sexual orientation, religion and other personal characteristics

Inclusion is the constant, conscious effort to involve persons who might be excluded on the basis of their backgrounds or personal characteristics. It means creating a culture that promotes equity and embraces, respects, accepts and values the different dimensions of people.

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About us

Established in 1950, Nomads Rugby is one of the Toronto’s original six rugby clubs. We are a progressive club with a proud history and a brilliant future. As a full-service club, we pride ourselves on offering rugby for all ages, genders, athleticisms and rugby abilities. Blue is the colour!