All registered Nomads including social members are entitled to vote in the upcoming election, to be held on May 14, 2019 at 8:30 p.m. at the Gym Pub (782 St. Clair Ave. W.).

For those who wish to register for a social membership, the details can be found here

The meeting is being called to vote on the Nomads logo. Nomads will be presented three new logos as well as the old logo. The ballot will be a ranked ballot. Should no one logo be the clear winner, there will be a second round of voting between the top two contenders. 

The designer hired to work on the new logos was asked to include all the three elements of the original logo: leaf, globe, rugby ball shape, and ensure that all three Nomads colours (red, navy and white) were included, too.

After various rounds of changes with the Nomads board of directors as well as the Nomads advisory board, these are the top two logo options. The intention was not to change the logo, but to update it for the 21st century.  

For Nomads who cannot attend the May 14 special general meeting because they are out of the city, sign up as a social member and please email info@torontonomads.com to let us know you will be voting electronically. You *MUST* let us know prior to May 10 at 11:59 p.m. EST that you will be sending in your vote electronically.

Depending on the number of write-in votes, we will be either collecting your votes via email or through an electronic survey. Unfortunately, those voting by email will not be able to participate in a second round of voting should there be no clear winner after the first round of voting. If you can have a pal live Skype you into the meeting, you are welcome to do so! We know the system isn’t perfect for our international Nomads keen to participate, but we’re hoping you feel heard, engaged, and part of this exciting process. 

For those of you in town, we look forward to seeing you at the SGM.