<![CDATA[Hello, my name is William Daniel and I am a member of the u18 Rugby Ontario boys representative team. Training and playing all summer against teams from the UK and the US has led to the conclusion of our season. We head on a tour to one of the homelands of Rugby IRELAND!!!!! Yes we are heading to IRELAND to play 3 of the best provincial and respective club teams in the country we leave August 9th and return August 19 where after there will be Canada selections for the u18 Mens team. This tour is costing each player a huge price tag of $3550 !!!!! I currently have only $525 left to pay off !!!

With your donations you can help me achieve my goal any and everything helps so Thankyouu very much 🙂 !!!


I currently don’t have my go fund me account ready right now and the funds are due this Wednesday so I’m in a rush Thankyou again !!💙


To donate please send e transfers to my direct deposit link connected to my trip

Email: Activewilliam30@gmail.com]]>