• Kelly won 15s Player of the Year, and the Gillian Florence Award.
  • Tyler Rowlands captained the U19 Canada tour in Ireland.
  • 3 Nomads at Tropical 7s in Florida: Aislynn Grant represented Ontario, Jorja White represented the Misfits, and Nicole Gamm represented the Toronto Elite Reds.
  • Lucas Hammond is playing in the upcoming 3 7s tournaments: Hong Kong (Apr 6-8), the Commonwealth Games (Apr 13-15), and Singapore (Apr 28-29)!
  • James Hammond and Kevin Vertkas have been invited to the Canada U20 training squad for the World Trophy in August.
  • Will Daniel played for Ontario at National 7s.
  •  Filip Pasagic is down in New Zealand where he has made the Manawatu Turbos Academy team. He also attended the International Rugby Academy of New Zealand (IRANZ), and trained with Palmerston North Boys High School First XV.
  • Nomads Women took second place at Truro 7s. Upon return, 11 out of 12 of them came down with what has been dubbed the Truro Plague. 
  • All men who went to Montreal on tour this Easter made it back in one piece, more or less.