<![CDATA[As Ben Kippel said, this is the only production where the cast is well lubricated and the audience even more so…we are calling on all Nomads to an evening of fun and frivolity at our old stomping grounds-the Tranzac.

Many of us have very fond memories of evenings at the Tranzac and we are hoping to renew those connections. What better way than a full house of Nomads cheering on the cast and crew.

According to Martin Edmonds, Pete Towill had his debut with the NAGS by responding to Martin's inquiry as to who was the biggest horse's ass on the Nomads to which Pete answered, "Why that is me of course!" Pete went on to fame and fortune as the rear half of the horse in the production….

Come to the Tranzac on Thursday Feb 8 @ 7:30 p.m. and celebrate!

If you want to be seating with the Nomads group, please buy your tickets NOW. In the box for “additional information” please write “NOMADS.”

For those Nomads who’ve got families, we’re aiming to get a Nomads family contingent there for the kid-friendly Saturday matinee on February  10 at 1:30 p.m..

Hopefully we can keep this great connection between the NAGs and the Nomads for years to come!

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