<![CDATA[2017 saw the Toronto Nomads Rugby Club deliver the Rookie Rugby program to over 1400 children in local schools. Seven schools took part in the program with 2 inter school tournaments taking place at the culmination of the programs.

The biggest challenge for the children was the idea of passing backwards! Once this was solidified in their minds, the naturally talented Canadian kids shone with fast feet, high skill levels, complimented with a VERY competitive nature.

A big aim for the program is to create a love for Rugby at an early age. Rugby in Canada is historically picked up at high school level, something that needs to be rectified in order for players to be able to develop their Rugby specific skills, and love for the game, at an early age. The earlier we can get these kids into Rugby, the earlier the skill set is developed. Combined with the natural Canadian aggression and competitiveness, the future of Canadian Rugby could be bright.

2018 will see another round of Rookie Rugby delivered by the Toronto Nomads Rugby Club. If you would like to see this great program in your school, please contact Campbell MacNeill at campbellmacneill@hotmail.co.nz]]>