<![CDATA[Wow! We're only $250 from reaching our goal of raising $10,000 for The Club. This lets us keep fees low, hire amazing coaches and develop new programs to grow the game. Thank you to the following AMAZING Nomads who have become our very first class of Club Patrons!

The Russell Family
Matt Penney
The Lorimer Family
Joseph Wray
Peter’s No frills

Charlie Harte
Greg Lavigne
Terrance Fitz Patrick
Fred Ball
Bob Hill

Graeme Mew

Anna Della Rocca
Antony Bouquillon
Trevor Bass
John Pearce
John McCloskey
Allison Elgie
Perry Essig
Tyronne Bannavage
Mike Murphy
Bryan Dougherty
Michael Boadway
Huw Davies
Kenny Yip

If you’d like to join them, check out the amazing thank-you packages here.]]>