<![CDATA[We join our friends and colleagues across the rugby community in Ontario today to mourn the loss of Rev. Freddie Miller at the age of 89; a true legend of our sport in this province and the founder of the Nomads.

Of the five founding clubs of the ORU, in 1950, Freddie was involved in the creation of four of them; ourselves, the Wanderers, the Barbarians and the Irish. The Brantford Harlequins being the fifth. As our first club captain/ president Freddie was instrumental in creating our Nomad culture and spirit.

On May 27th a lunch will take place in Freddie’s honour at Fletcher’s Fields. Also that day our men take on the Wanderers, a fixture which takes on an additional poignancy this year. It is in fact a day of real significance as all five inaugural clubs will be playing at Fletcher’s.

Please contact Steve Darley (sjdarley@gmail.com) directly if you would like to attend the lunch.

For more details on this remarkable man’s contribution to our sport please click here.

We are forever grateful for the foundations you laid and will forever carry the spirit of the Nomads forward. Blue is the colour.

Rest in Peace Rev. Freddie Miller