<![CDATA[Nomads Rugby is well represented by its junior boys throughout several age groups and teams

recently announced by Rugby Ontario, the Toronto Rugby Union and Rugby Canada confirming

Nomads Junior development program is among the best.

Our congratulations and best wishes to the following young Nomads:

  •  Jamie Mizen – Ontario under 16s
  •  Gareth Ellis – Toronto under 17s sevens
  •  Filip Pasagic – Ontario under 17s, Toronto under 17s sevens
  •  Mikkel Shiffman-Borggren – Ontario under 17s, Toronto under 17s sevens
  •  James Hammond – Ontario under 18s
  •  Stephen Kim – Ontario under 18s
  •  Max Pinkerton – (reserve) Ontario under 18s
  •  Tyler Roland – Ontario under 18s
  •  Dontae Williams – Ontario under 18s
  •  Kevin Vertkas – Ontario under 19s, Canada under 20 wider training group

Way to go Nomads!]]>