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Over the past weekend, the seconds had perhaps the most exciting game of the day, stealing the W with a 23-22 win over Oshawa on their club day. The squeaker of a win didn’t come easy, with the 2s showing some serious character on the field. The thirds also won with a crushing 24-7 victory over their Oshawa hosts. Unfortunately, the firsts went down 34-3, but will redeem themselves this week when they face off against the Beavers on home turf.

Senior Women

After losing to Mississauga earlier in the season, the Women were braced for a tough game against the third-seated team. Despite the Blues’s size and speed, our ladies managed to be on the attack for the entirety of the first half. After a stumble in the second half (letting in a couple tries) the ladies got their mojo back on and managed to finish the day with a 34-19 victory on home turf. Honourable mentions go to Courtney Allain at no. 8, Maddy Biggs at wing (for her epic runs and eel-like ability to evade tackles), and Jennifer Russell for stepping in as half-back after Grace Rivera after she was injured.