<![CDATA[OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Nomads Rugby Club extends its juniors’ recruitment program to before birth with the introduction of its groundbreaking “A Nomad from Conception” program.

Today Ross Pinkerton, President of Toronto Nomads Juniors, announced that following the introduction of its wildly successful Under-6 Rugby Program, The Club will be extending its junior recruitment program to include pre-natal classes.


“Having boys and girls introduced to the great game of rugby and the Nomads at an early age will be beneficial for the children and society at large. Historically, in Canada many boys and girls do not get to experience rugby until high school. Being exposed to rugby from conception will ensure basic and advanced rugby skills are developed earlier. In effect we are adopting the same strategy as organized religion: get them early and you have them for life,” said Mr. Pinkerton. “The next step is to organize play groups for Moms, Dad and Nomads babies.”

Nomads’ A Nomad from Conception pre-natal classes will be conducted jointly by registered midwives and rugby coaches (all have the required police clearance).

In addition to the usual birthing and nursing information Nomads pre-natal classes will feature:

  • Replays of Rugby World Cup finals (both men’s and women’s),
  • Rugby nursery rhymes,
  • Rugby songs (sensibly censored), and
  • Inspirational readings from Richie McCaw’s auto biography The Real McCaw

In addition, thanks to the generosity of Nomads sponsors, babies graduating from the program will receive:

  • 1 dozen cloth diapers emblazoned the Nomads logo,
  • 7 feeding bibs with the Nomads logo,
  • 2 size 0 Nomads’ tracksuits,
  • 5 pairs of baby rugby booties (without cleats), and
  • 1 size-1 Gilbert rugby ball.

Furthermore, babies and parents will receive a 20% discount for life off annual membership fees if they register before the child’s first birthday.


The Program’s Origins: Playing on and off the field

The pre-natal initiative and results from the success of Nomads’ under-6 program. Another factor in the Club’s decision is the increasing number of marriages between members of the club’s senior women and senior men teams. “This inevitably leads to babies and ultimately the pitter-patter of little feet,” says Mr. Pinkerton. “In essence The Club has its own baby-making factory – it makes sense to recognize the fact and take advantage of it.”

Two expectant mothers from the senior women’s team, Erin Leaman and Raven Cudmore, both of whom are married to Nomads men, applaud the Club’s “A Nomad from Conception” program.

“We love the fact the club is so forward thinking,” says Raven. “When I joined I was told ‘once you are a Nomad you will be a Nomad for life’ but this initiative adds a new dimension.”

“I’m so grateful the club has come up with this program,” said Erin. “As a first time mother I had concerns I would lose touch with the game of rugby, my teammates and the Nomads; I’m so happy to know I can balance being a new mother and being part of the rugby community, although a nine month season is a bit longer of a season than I’m used to!”

“It’s great that Nomads women and men are falling in love, marrying and having children” said Mr. Pinkerton “in fact we would like to see more of it. Of course it would be morally wrong for the club to suggest or influence parenting combinations. Nevertheless, as currently many of the club’s existing and coming-soon baby members are the offspring of front row players, we are hoping some of our second row, loose forward and backs women and men will step up and start producing so we can look forward with confidence to a balanced, experienced and skillful senior teams in the late 2030s.”

Expectant parents interested in participating in Nomads’ A Nomad from Conception pre-natal program can register by emailing rugbaby@torontonomads.com or call 1-844-RUGBABY


About Toronto Nomads

Established in 1950 the Nomads are one of Toronto’s original 6 clubs. Famous for its club spirit and embodiment of the Rugby Culture and Spirit, the Nomads catchment area is Toronto City – West of Yonge.


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