<![CDATA[Name: Jenn Russell12515992_10102612608668661_371571733_n

Nationality: Canadian

Nickname: Only Anna has ever given me a nickname (JR), so I don’t really have one.

Age: 30

Position: fly half / scrum half

Favourite Rugby Player: My sisters: Kell and Laura. You can’t beat knowing the ones lighting up the pitch–boom! Otherwise rugby crush has to be Cian Healy, haha!

Nomad since: Birth… It’s Sandy Russell’s fault you’re stuck with us!

Best Rugby Moment: There are SO many, but my most recent best memory would be my first hit back on the pitch last summer. That was three years in the making after thinking I’d never make a tackle again. I was the happiest person ever in that moment!

Worst rugby moment: Let’s not talk about why I stopped playing. Instead, let’s focus on my most embarrassing rugby moment… When I went to take a supposedly easy kick to touch, and instead kicked it straight and directly into the hands of the opposing team standing at the sideline. The next week my coach made a point of letting me redo this moment. I’ve never not taken a kick seriously since.

Quote: “Ability is what you can do. Motivation determines why you do it. Attitude determines how well you do it!”

If I didn’t play rugby in the summer, I would: To be honest, probably coach, but in a dream world I’d love to go camping and go to cottages more!]]>