<![CDATA[Nomads junior teams did the club proud at the 2016 TIRF March break boys and girls tournaments. On Tuesday the boys’ under 16s reversed the round robin result and overcame a strong Saracens team in overtime to win the tournament cup final. The result was well earned especially as several players were making their Nomads debut. The under 18 boys also performed mightily beating TIRF in winning the plate final. The team defended courageously and used their skill and speed to score several beautiful tries over the course of the tournament. On Wednesday it was the u18 girls turn. Nomads team (pictured), consisting mainly of Central tech students and including several who are new to the game but are developing rapidly, showed they will be a force to be reckoned during the coming season.


Nomads Girls at Tirf Tourch tournament 160316 v2]]>