<![CDATA[Rugby Fun day on Thursday- Urgent attention required
As you may know, we have the chance to run a Rugby fun day for the elementary schools that feed in to Harbord Collegiate on Thursday at Lamport Stadium from 10am to 2pm.

There will be 85 kids from 5 Elementary schools there. This is a crucial part of our recruitment for the u12s and u14s.

We appreciate that most of you will have school or work commitments, and that the notice is very late (i was planning it for late October but the schools changed the date last week and would only confirm if we move it) but if you can be free, can you please come out and help run the stations?

Right now we have ZERO volunteers, which means we are cancelling the session and we suspect The Nomads will lose contact with these schools.

Please let Mark Johnson know ASAP. Email him: Johnnonomad@gmail.com