<![CDATA[Nomads entered u16 and u18 squads that looked full of potential and ability for the Q-Meta Cup in Brantford and they did not disappoint! Nomads were clearly the best teams there and played some terrific 7s at both age groups. Combined, the squads were 7-1 on the day, which finished with the u16s winning and the u18s narrowly losing in the final.

The 16s were utterly dominant all day. They were full of depth, rolling players on and off without missing a beat. A great bunch of players and a great bunch of lads. They really have so much potential and we should all look forward with anticipation to seeing where they can take this. While it was a very strong team effort and every player deserves credit, particular mention should go to Kevin Vertkas, who was awarded tournament MVP.

The 18s came out of the blocks flying. Some of their Rugby was a clinic for the opposition and a true pleasure to watch. Regrettably, already being forced to select from only 8 players due to injury and unavailability, they lost Jake and Max in game two. The u16s provided very able players to make up their numbers from that point on, but the double-dipping took its toll on those lads and the 18s fatigued after playing so many minutes on the day. I firmly believe that with more players (and more luck with injuries) they would made it a double victory. Perhaps things may be different next sunday. Well done all. Go Nomads. Better Never Stops.

U16S Nomads 43–Jesters White 0.

Nomads 48–South Huron 5.

Nomads 31–Waterloo 12

Nomads 25–Brantford Jesters 17

U18S Nomads 45– Wilmot 0

Nomads 32–Waterloo 5

Nomads 31–Highland 12

Nomads 19–Brantford Jesters 32