<![CDATA[Hearty Congratulations to the u16s for winning the Premiership Plate at Fletchers Fields tonight after overcoming Mississauga Blues 17-7 in a very one-sided final.

Following an unfortunate and injury-plagued start to their season, in the last month of the season this group has come together and go on a run of 5 straight victories to claim the prize that they richly deserve. They have shown much skill, but have shown guts and determination in more than equal measure.

Nomads would like to extend a big thank you and congratulations to Michael Barton, Tom Lindlar and Mark Lewis for all their hard work with the players. I hope all the parents would agree that the lads are in great hands and that we are very fortunate to have such talented and dedicated volunteer coaches.

Finally, speaking of dedicated volunteers, I would like to thank Nancy Kwak and Tim Ellis for all their hard work as the managers of this team. The work of the manager is too often overlooked, but it is vital to the success of the group and never more so than in the case of Tim and Nancy. We are extremely grateful for their contribution.

Bring on the sevens season !!!

Better Never Stops