<![CDATA[Toronto Nomads Juniors' winter training commences on Saturday January 10 and continues through until Saturday March 14.

The 10 weekly sessions are held between 2 PM and 4 PM every Saturday at St. Michael's College Dome 1515  Bathurst Street.

All juniors, beginners and experienced, girls and boys,  from 8 to 18 are welcome and encouraged to attend to develop their rugby skills, catch up with teammates and make new friends.
All players – (grades 3 and 4) to under 18 (grades 11 and 12) are welcome.
Or bring one or more friends along.
For boys and girls interested in trying rugby this is a good opportunity to learn the basics of the game.
For school teams and players Nomads winter training is ideal for brushing up on skills and fitness before the school season.
Thanks to the generosity of Nomads sponsors there is no charge to participate; just turn up and enjoy!

To enable us to keep you informed of coming events register your interest at:  http://www.torontonomads.com/juniors/registration-of-interest/]]>