2012 Nomads junior clinic

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More than 80 junior rugby players attended the Nomads junior clinic on Sunday, May 13.

From 11:00am to 2:00pm, more than 20 coaches and volunteers put the players through their paces in a variety of drills at Oakwood Collegiate.
The Nomads junior program would like to thank Pete Towill, Jaime Santana, Zack Warrick, Ryan Abbott, Lee Nevitte, Robyn, An, Ross Pinkerton, Lloyd Dobson, Darren Cox,  Steve Darley, Jess Wong, Lauren Rudko, Meghan Iley, Jonathan and Tim Lorimer, Chip Leavoy, Bob Taylor, Tasha, Kerry Furneux, Kathy Lawrence and 
Jules Jeferis for all their help on Sunday.
Also special thnks to Peter’s No Frills for donating  Gatorade and energy bars.
For more information on the Nomads junior rugby program, click on the Nomads juniors page.
2012 Nomads Juniors Clinic

2012 Nomads Juniors Clinic

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The Nomads Juniors rugby clinic is on Sunday, May 13, from 11am-2pm at Oakwood Collegiate, 991 St. Clair Ave. West.

The clinic is for mixed under-12s, boys under-14s, girls under-15s, boys under-16s, girls under-17s, boys under-18s, & girls under-19s.

  •  Fine tune your rugby skills 
  •  Pick up new skills to dazzle your opponents
  •  Meet fellow juniors from all over the city
  •  Bring all the usual rugby kit 
  •  Water and Gatorade will be provided

Cost: $20 which includes rugby t-shirt

Contact:   Bill Brown, Nomads Junior Development
        brownis@rogers.com         416-766-9573


Over 60 Nomads junior players registered on Sunday, May 15th, at the Junior Clinic at Oakwood.

2011 Nomads Junior Clinic

2011 Nomads Junior Clinic

Run by junior and senior coaches with plenty of help from senior players, the the juniors worked through skill stations in weather that was less than ideal.

But the spirits were never dampened and a good time was had by all.

Players and parents alike are pumped for the new season, which has already seen plenty of hard work done in the off-season.]]>