<![CDATA[Varsity Brews lead the 2011 Nomads Super 15 pool after six rounds.

To see the full results, go to the official Fox Sports website.

# Team Manager Roud Points Total Points
1 Varsity Brews Garth Gottfried 608 2,224
2 Brumbettes Jen Dewling 546 2,167
3 White Eagles Goran Bozickovic 588 2,152
4 Warrior RFC Mike Murphy 456 2,137
5 G-Team15 Grant Barnett 482 2,027
6 sinclaires Sing 376 1,979
7 durr Carl Xu 531 1,955
8 Purple T-Shirt RUFC Roman Sidey 271 1,738
9 Southern Saints Billy Cudmore 300 1,663
10 Ravens saming leftfeild 247 1,517


Sign up now for the 2012 Nomads Super 15 fantasy pool. Super Rugby logo

Go to  to register a team, then select a squad of 22 players. Fifteen start any given weekend and you score points through players scoring tries, assisting on tries, kicking goals, making tackles, winning lineouts, making line breaks, offloading the ball etc. You also lose points when players make errors, miss tackles, get carded etc.

Each week you can make three transfers as you managed who is on the bench; there are byes in the Super 15. You can also change your team wholesale once during the season.

To join the Nomads league, enter the code 868-3521 to find the Canadian Super Fans.

Each week the results will be posted on the Nomads website.

The Super 15 starts on Feb. 24th, so sign up today!