<![CDATA[Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand

After all 48 games, the Brumbettes have won the Nomads’ Canadian RWC pick’em pool!

# Manager Pick Points | Bonus Points | Total Points
1 Brumbettes 58 8 66
2 Varsity Brews 56.5 7 63.5
3 2drunk2 49.5 7.83 57.33
4 mydaddoesntdriveacivic 52.5 2.83 55.33
5 Purple T-Shirt RUFC 50 4.67 54.67
6 The Elite Touch 47 4.5 51.5
7 Gympie Hammers 46.5 4 50.5
8 Roman Sucks 42.5 2.83 45.33
9 Canuck 37.5 0.83 38.33
10 NZ-chokingsince87 32 2 34
11 murphed! 22.5 0.5 23
12 BillyCudmore 5 0 5

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 The seventh Rugby World Cup kicks off on Friday, Sept. 9th, when hosts New Zealand play Tonga in Auckland.  

Great news for rugby fans in Canada is that TSN will be broadcasting all the games. Bad news is that New Zealand is on the other side of the world, so many games will be in the middle of the night.  

However, some early afternoon start times mean that some games will air at prime times in Toronto.  

One example in particular is on Sunday,  Oct. 2nd, when Canada play hosts New Zealand. That game will start at 10:30pm in Toronto on the Saturday night before, Oct. 1st.

1 Friday, Sept. 9 4:30am Pool A New Zealand v Tonga Auckland
2 Friday, Sept. 9 9:00pm Pool B Scotland v Romania Invercargill
3 Friday, Sept. 9 10:30pm Pool D Fiji v Namibia Rotorua
4 Saturday, Sept. 10 2:00am Pool A France v Japan Auckland
5 Saturday, Sept. 10 4:30am Pool B Argentina v England Dunedin
6 Saturday, Sept. 10 11:30pm Pool C Australia v Italy Auckland
7 Sunday, Sept. 11 2:00am Pool C Ireland v USA New Plymouth
8 Sunday, Sept. 11 4:30am Pool D South Africa v Wales Wellington
9 Tuesday, Sept. 13 10:30pm Pool D Samoa v Namibia Rotorua
10 Wednesday, Sept. 14 1:00am Pool A Tonga v Canada Whangarei
11 Wednesday, Sept. 14 3:30am Pool B Scotland v Georgia Invercargill
12 Thursday, Sept. 15 3:30am Pool C Russia v USA New Plymouth
13 Friday, Sept. 16 4:00am Pool A New Zealand v Japan Hamilton
14 Friday, Sept. 16 11:30pm Pool B Argentina v Romania Invercargill
15 Saturday, Sept. 17 2:00am Pool D South Africa v Fiji Wellington
16 Saturday, Sept. 17 4:30am Pool C Australia v Ireland Auckland
17 Saturday, Sept. 17 11:30pm Pool D Wales v Samoa Hamilton
18 Sunday, Sept. 18 2:00am Pool B England v Georgia Dunedin
19 Sunday, Sept. 18 4:30am Pool A France v Canada Napier
20 Tuesday, Sept. 20 3:30am Pool C Italy v Russia Nelson
21 Wednesday, Sept. 21 3:30am Pool A Tonga v Japan Whangarei
22 Thursday, Sept. 22 4:00am Pool D South Africa v Namibia Auckland
23 Friday, Sept. 23 4:30am Pool C Australia v USA Wellington
24 Saturday, Sept. 24 2:00am Pool B England v Romania Dunedin
25 Saturday, Sept. 24 4:30am Pool A New Zealand v France Auckland
26 Saturday, Sept. 24 10:30pm Pool D Fiji v Samoa Auckland
27 Sunday, Sept. 25 1:00am Pool C Ireland v Russia Rotorua
28 Sunday, Sept. 25 3:30am Pool B Argentina v Scotland Wellington
29 Mon Sept. 26 2:30am Pool D Wales v Namibia New Plymouth
30 Tuesday, Sept. 27 12:00am Pool A Canada v Japan Napier
31 Tuesday, Sept. 27 2:30am Pool C Italy v USA Nelson
32 Wednesday, Sept. 28 2:30am Pool B Georgia v Romania Palmerston North
33 Friday, Sept. 30 3:30am Pool D South Africa v Samoa Auckland
34 Friday, Sept. 30 10:30pm Pool C Australia v Russia Nelson
35 Saturday, Oct. 1 1:00am Pool A France v Tonga Wellington
36 Saturday, Oct. 1 3:30am Pool B England v Scotland Auckland
37 Saturday, Oct. 1 8:00pm Pool B Argentina v Georgia Palmerston North
38 Saturday, Oct. 1 10:30pm Pool A New Zealand v Canada Wellington
39 Sunday, Oct. 2 1:00am Pool D Wales v Fiji Hamilton
40 Sunday, Oct. 2 3:30am Pool C Ireland v Italy Dunedin
41 Saturday, Oct. 8 1:00am QF1: Ireland v Wales Wellington
42 Saturday, Oct. 8 3:30am QF2: England v France Auckland
43 Sunday, Oct. 9 1:00am QF3: South Africa v Australia Wellington
44 Sunday, Oct. 9 3:30am QF4: New Zealand vArgentina Auckland
45 Saturday, Oct. 15 4:00am SF1: W QF1 v W QF2 Auckland
46 Sunday, Oct. 16 4:00am SF2: W QF3 v W QF4 Auckland
47 Friday, Oct. 21 3:30am   Bronze Auckland
48 Sunday, Oct. 23 4:00am   Final Auckland


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