<![CDATA[Nomads senior men @ FF, Oct. 15, 2011

The Nomads senior men won a nail-biter at Fletcher’s on Saturday, Oct. 15th, defeating the Saracens 10-5.

The Saracens were very disciplined and effective, leading for 75 minutes in the game after an early try. The Nomads made the score 5-3 not long after, but it wasn’t until the 78th minute that there were able score again. A missed tackle allowed the Nomads to race in from near half and get into the lead 10-5.

Once again the Saracens were very composed regathering their own kick-off and holding onto the ball well into injury time. Eventually the final whistle sounded and the Nomads were very lucky to have snuck into the lead late and hold it.

 NOTE: Next week the men host Burlington with a 3:00pm kick-off at Fletcher’s. Originally this game was to played in Burlington, but their field have been closed for the year.

Then the Nomads will play on finals day: in our pool of four, the top two play for the cup with the bottom two playing for bronze.]]>