Nomads senior men's 1st team, Sept. 24, 2011
Nomads senior men’s 1st team, Sept. 24, 2011

The Nomads men’s teams finished their regular seasons on Saturday, Sept. 24th, with two more wins.  A 23-13 victory by the 2nds was followed by a 45-26 win by the 1sts over two very determined Saracens teams. 

On the season, the 1st team ended with a 9-5 record for 46 competition points on the table; exactly where that places us is unknown as the Toronto Rugby website’s standngs are incomplete.

The Nomads 2nd finished the year with a 13-1 record for 66 for competition points and undisputed 1st place on the table.

The 3rd team ended their season at the end of August with record of 3 wins, 5 losses.

Up next is the Autumn Cup with four games taking us through to the end of October.

The schedule is:

Saturday, October 1st      
Nomads  @ Mississauga Blues, 3:00pm, Streetsville S.S.  
Saturday,  October 15th      
Nomads  v Saracens, 3:00pm, Fletcher’s  
Saturday, October 22nd      
Nomads  v Burlington Centaurs, 3:00pm, Fletcher’s  
Saturday, October 29th      
1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th,
All cup finals are at Fletcher’s

Dust off your Nomads scarves and come out to support the team!