Nomads Area of Origin Series, Aug. 4, 2011

Nomads Area of Origin Series, Aug. 4, 2011

The Funny Talkers won the  first Nomads senior men’s Area of Origin Series at  Oakwood, Thursday, Aug. 4th, 2011.

Their names will be inscribed on the Clayton Bucket, which will forever live in infamy.


Four teams play a round-robin to see which Nomads feeder area has what it takes.

Teams are divided by where you first started playing rugby, geographically:
In GTA, east of Yonge (Easties)
In GTA, west of Yonge (Westies)
Rest of Canada from outside GTA (RoC)
From outside Canada (Funny Talkers)

For instance, if you started playing at NSS or NTCI, you would be an Eastie.

If you started playing at Oakwood, Forest Hill, UTS or Humberside, you would be a Westie.

If you started playing in Ottawa, Quebec or B.C., you are a RoC.

If you first started playing in the U.S., Europe or the Southern Hemispehere, you are a Funny Talker.

Rugby League 9-a-side with some slight rule variations to be posted by Tuesday.

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