Leaping over fire, scrambling through mud with barbed wire overhead, hauling tires up the side of a quarry – it’s what the Nomads women call the day after a rugby game! On Sunday, June 19th, the women’s side tackled the first Spartan Race 5k to ever be held in Toronto, clocking in at impressive times and coated in mud to prove it.

Covered in bruises from Saturday’s game, the Nomads sprinted up the crazy steep quarry inclines, scaled walls, climbed rope ladders, and ploughed through the lake. Everyone crossed the finish line, but first, had to meet the weapon-wielding gladiators – our very own Kris Fleming didn’t just evade them, but got low and tackled them head-on! The rugby women made for the BEST Spartans!

Medals around our necks, we rinsed off the grime in the lake before hitting the snack bar, lying in the sunshine, and making the trek back home. It was a crazy, awesome day – maybe it was a full moon? The Nomads women’s side will definitely be back at the Spartan Race 5k next year for even more mud, javelins and adrenaline! AROO! ]]>